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Make the most of Ramadan this year!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

(Updated: April 20, 2023)

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Fitra is $10/person payable at IANT, or online. Click here to pay Fitra online, but make sure you remit payment before Eid prayer.

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Asalamu Alaikum, and welcome to our Ramadan resource page! Ramadan is a time of great spiritual reflection, purification, and education.

On this page, you’ll find copies of the Imsakiyyah (or, click here to download a PDF). Tune in live on Facebook, or by scrolling down on this page. You can also view the videos after the broadcast, and popular video playlists, by scrolling below as well.

May Allah SWT accept from us our prayers and fasting during this blessed month, and forgive us for any shortcomings. Ameen!

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Suhoor End: 4:58 AM Iftar Start: 8:32 PM

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