What we offer

Services and Programs

IANT Youth

IANT Youth was officially started in May of 2010 to cater to the growing needs of the youth community in Richardson, TX and the surrounding North Texas areas. Brothers and sisters who are attending school anywhere from middle school to the college or university level require nourishment for the soul and body that can only be found in a vibrant and strong Islamic community. IANT Youth intends to serve those needs, as well as adapt and grow to create a fun, energizing, and refreshing youth culture around the Masjid – one that creates, strengthens, and motivates the future leaders of the Muslim Ummah of America.


Suffa Islamic Seminary is a continuing education program dedicated to providing knowledge in various Islamic disciplines, including but not limited to Arabic language and grammar, Seerah, calligraphy, Tafsir, and Tajweed. Prospective students can visit suffa.org for more information.

IANT Sports

IANT Sports provides opportunities for our community members to engage in healthy sports activities with other fellow brothers and sisters to promote good health and build brotherhood and sisterhood. Alhamdulillah, we have sports activities for both brothers and sisters (separately) and the young in terms of age, as well as the young at heart.

Medical Clinic

The IANT Medical Clinic was founded in November of 2000. It is a charity clinic run by volunteer physicians and other community volunteers. Patients are seen by appointment only several times a week. The clinic is open to Muslims as well as non-Muslims. Typically, the clinic provides care to 12-15 patients per clinic session.

Sisters' Committee

Our Sisters’ Committee provides a support system to our sisters by organizing different events and activities to educate and support. The committee provides services including but not limited to: Prayer mgmt. (Jumuaah, Eid), Family Nights during Ramadan, classes (Religious or Educational), and other workshops.

Young Muslims

We also offer continuing classes for young Muslims. For more information, please contact the Director at [email protected], or at 972-231-5698, ext. 106.

Sunday/Summer School

Sunday and Summer School.

Our Goal for these two programs are :

  1. Develop God ( Allaha’s ) consciousness
  2. Develop an American Muslim  identity and a strong association between student and IANT.
  3. To provide basic knowledge of the five pillars of Isalm and pillars of faith.
  4. To teach students the Arabic language as a means of understanding the quran and learn to write basic Arabic.
  5. To guide students towards Islamic principles,etiquettes and moral strength in their daily lives.
  6. Provide guidance in utilizing prophetic examples as a model to be emulated throughout life.
  7. To enable fostering responsibility to God (Allah), family, community and their environment.
Young Muslims Program

This program is a wonderful stepping stone for 3 and 4 years school age kids. Y.M.P is a pre-k school licensed by the department of child care and protective services. We maintain and set forth policies and procedures to promote the common good and be compliant with the state. This program runs from M-F 8:00am-3:30pm.

Young Muslim Program’s staff are highly experienced as early childhood professionals. They are CPR and first aid certified. They complete a minimum of twenty four hours of continuing education each year.


IANT is humbled to partner with Muslims Understanding and Helping Special Education Needs (MUHSEN) to make our house of worship more accessible to those of our congregants with special needs. As part of our ongoing commitment, and our aim to achieve the highest level of certification from MUHSEN, please help us by taking the Needs Assessment Survey.

Core Services

In addition to the programs above, we offer core services to our congregants on an ongoing basis.

Five Daily Prayers

Fajr, Dhur, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha are all offered at our masjid on a daily basis. We also offer one Jumuah prayer each at our main location and the Collins Musallah. Prayer times can be found on the homepage.

Funerary Services

In partnership with local masaajid and funeral homes, IANT can host Janazah prayers. We are in close proximity to the Restland Cemetery with its dedicated Islamic Gardens. We also have an on-site Ghusl (ritual cleansing of the deceased) room. Please call use to request more information, at 972-231-5698.

Da'wah/Outreach - Intro to Islam

With our dedicated Outreach team, IANT can provide you with the materials and the knowledge to engage in meaningful dialogue with your neighbors and community members. For those willing to learn more about Islam, we also offer a weekly class every Sunday at 6PM. For more information, click here.

Financial Aid/Zakaat

In partnership with local masaajid, IANT can process and distribute financial aid to qualified individuals on a case by case basis. During Ramadan, we can also distribute Fitrah. Prospective applicants must visit the IANT office in person during business hours to fill out a form, or go online here.

Social Services

Through the leadership of our director, Dr. Mona Abdullah Alnaeemi, our Social Services program promotes the health and well-being of individuals and families by helping them to become more self-self-sufficient. IANT may be able to connect you with local resources, and, in some circumstances, provide direct assistance. To schedule an appointment, please call 972-231-5698 ext. 120. For emergencies, call 911 immediately.

Religious Conseling

We offer religious counseling through our Imam, Imam Majid Sajjadur Rahman, and our Resident Scholar, Dr. Asif Hirani, at no cost. These services are available to those who live near IANT, and/or are regular attendees. These limitations are in effect so that our Shuyookh may dedicate ample time to those who visit with them.  Online appointment bookings will be launched soon.