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Established in 1969,  the Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT) is the largest masjid, or mosque, in the DFW area. We serve thousands of congregants daily by providing a variety of services: all five prayers, Jumuah, medical clinic, youth programs, continuing education, a fully accredited K-12 school, funeral services, financial aid, Eid, Da’wah/outreach, and more. We are a 501c(3) non-profit organization, and hold close ties to many intrafaith and government organizations.

our outreach

Our doors are open to all peace-loving individuals.

Since our founding, IANT has served as a leader in intrafaith dialogue with local and national organizations. We believe in building bridges with our neighbors and creating a healthy exchange of ideas and a flow of knowledge. Above all, we value the relationships we’ve fostered, and our growing community.

Our Mission

Faith. leadership. service.

IANT strives to provide the social, spiritual, and religious resources that North Texas Muslims need – whether that be through offering all five daily prayers, holding daily classes, or hosting monthly community events. We exist to educate on the true virtues of Islam, and to live by them.

Our people

who is iant?

Our doors are open to all peace-loving individuals. Our community members are comprised of those from other faiths, young and old, and folks from (literally) every corner of the world.