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Interested in Learning about Islam?

Practiced by almost a  quarter of the world’s population, Islam is widespread, but not widely understood. Our masjid (mosque) offers complimentary resources and classes to create meaningful dialogue, educate, and bridge gaps.

While we host our Islam 101 courses every Sunday evening at 6:30 PM, our doors and phone lines are open should you ever have any questions. We can provide pamphlets and literature, including some material in Spanish. For more information, please call us at (972) 231-5698, or email our Outreach Department at [email protected].

The Basics

The Five Pillars of Islam

All Muslims must believe in five core tenants as part of their worship. These serve as the pillars to support the foundation that will become their faith.


The testification of faith. As with other Abrahamic faiths, Muslims belive in the onness of God (Allah), and in Muhammad as his servant and final Prophet.


5 daily prayers have been mandated upon Muslims: Fajr (before dawn), Dhur (noon), Asr (afternoon), Maghrib (before dusk), and Isha (at night).


While charity is always encouraged, able Muslims must donate 2.5% of their wealth each year to the needy, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.


Each year, during the 9th Islamic month of Ramadan, able Muslims fast from dawn to sunset for 29/30 days, followed by Eid, a celebration and prayer.


The piligramage, or Hajj, is mandated for every able Muslim. At least once in their lifetime, a Muslim must complete a pilgrimage to the holy city of Makkah.

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Appointments are not necessary for our weekly Islam 101 classes, Sundays at 6:30 PM. Should you have further questions, want to schedule a visit, or attend a service, please reach out to us by clicking the button below, or calling us at (972) 231-5698.

Islam fast facts

Did you Know…

What it Means

Islam literally means “submission,” referring to a Muslim (an adherent to Islam) submitting him/herself to a life of devotion to Allah.

What's a Masjid (Mosque)?

We probably should have answered this one first. A masjid, like a church or synagogue, is a place of worship for Muslims.

Are Veils Forced upon Muslim Women?

Hijab is the proper term for women’s dress. Islamic dress code for Muslim women is a continuum of piety and modesty, as is well known and depicted in the dress of the blessed virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Who's Allah?

Allah is the Arabic proper name for the one, true God. Allah is the Creator; everything besides Him is creation. He is the God that all prophets called their people to believe in and worship, albeit in their native languages.


Does Islam Believe in Jesus?

Yes! Jesus is one of the 5 greatest messengers: Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammed. He is highly revered in Islam, being mentioned in the Quran. Likewise, the 19th chapter is named after his mother, Mary.


What People Are Saying

“Richardson Masjid is one of Dallas’s oldest Masjid and stands out because of its community, programs and architecture. The education programs and community events are great! The people are friendly and Salat Space is plenty. Would recommend to anyone living and visiting Dallas!”
Aicha Khan

“Being a Christian, who up to this point has had only a passing understanding of/interaction with Islam I found both events very informative and enlightening. For any non-Muslim apprehensive about getting to know our neighbors at IANT I cannot overstate what a positive experience this has been.”
Chris Bender

Our Interfaith Partners

While IANT maintains strong relationships with a plethora of religious and government organizations, as a member of the Friends for Good Alliance, we are humbled to hold a special bond with the organizations below.

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