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Imam Shpendim Nadzaku
Shpendim Nadzaku

Shpendim Nadzaku

Imam/Resident Scholar

Imam Shpendim Nadzaku is the current Imam and Resident Scholar for the Islamic Association of North Texas. Hailing from Albanian roots, Nadzaku studied at the University of Madinah before serving as Imam in Rockford, Illinois, and now, IANT.

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Personal Objective- My personal objective is to be a catalyst for positive, lasting, change for all the lives I touch by emulating the Prophet Muhammed (sAws).

Organizational Objective- My professional objective is to ensure Islam and Muslims thrive in America by restoring the masjid to its essential role established by the Prophet Muhammed (sAws).

I am Imam Shpendim Nadzaku. I was raised in America from the age of 1 in the Garden State, New Jersey. I was born to immigrant parents, originating from Eastern Europe. Growing up in an Albanian family, I was not raised with religion. It wasn’t until I joined an MSA that I began researching and learning about Islam. 

After years of personal study, I had the opportunity to study at the Islamic University of Al-Medinah (IUM). I was blessed to graduate from the College of Shariah (Islamic Jurisprudence) and moved to Illinois shortly after. I served as the Imam and religious director for over ten years in Rockford, IL. During that period I developed amazing relationships with the Muslim and communities of other faiths. I partook in the Rockford Interfaith Council, taught college and high school classes on Islam, as well as graduated with my MBA from Rockford University.

Allah’s decree has brought my family and I to Texas where I have been serving as the Resident Scholar and Imam at IANT since 2014. It has been an exciting challenge interacting with a larger, more diverse community. Not only have I worked on creating and nurturing alliances with neighboring Masajid, the multi-faith communities, as well as with the City of Richardson, and its Police and Fire departments. I am hopeful, and eager to see what the future offers. 

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