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2014 Dec 16
Friday Khutba Schedule
DCM: Imam Sh Ilir Aliji
TCM: Imam Abdullah Al Mamun

To educate on the virtues of Islam and practice it.
To build bridges of cooperation, mutual respect, and understanding among faiths




-Election Ballot forms have been mailed to all IANT active members. If you have not received Ballot yet, please contact our front office desk.
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-IANT Calendar 2015 will be available soon. We need your support with advertisements. For details on how to reserve your Ad spot, please contact our Front office Desk.

islamic schools

IQA is one of the few Islamic schools in the country, and the only one in the DFW metroplex, to offer a complete Hifz (Quran memorization) and Alim (Islamic Scholar) program.

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iant youth

IANT Youth was officially started in May of 2010 to cater to the growing needs of the youth community in Richardson, TX and the surrounding North Texas areas.

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iant sports

IANT Sports provides opportunties for our community members to engage in healthy sports activities with other fellow brothers and sisters to promote good health.

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iant medical

The IANT Medical Clinic was founded in November of 2000. It is a charity clinic run by volunteer physicians and other community volunteers.

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islamic seminary

Suffa Islamic Seminary has a mission to continue the long tradition of Islamic education by training and developing morally and intellectually creative scholars, leaders and imams through an integrated study of classic Islamic texts and modern social theories so they will serve, guide and advance Muslim communities.

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